The honeymoon trip is one of the experiences that you will remember all of your life, a moment in which devote yourselves to enjoy each other in an environment that invites to relax and forget about all the concerns of the real world.

One of the favorite destinations for couples seeking a quiet oasis in which to celebrate honeymoon is Hawaii. A wedding trip to Hawaii is entering a tropical paradise of lush vegetation, volcanic Earth spectacular beaches.

All Inclusive Hawaii Honeymoon

On your honeymoon in Hawaii, you can choose from visiting one of these four places, although it’s also possible to combine several Islands:


Honolulu, on the isle of Oahu, is the capital of the country and the largest of all Hawaii resort. It is a cosmopolitan city of Polynesia’s influences.

Your honeymoon in Hawaii can not finish without having spent a few days in Honolulu. You can visit places that made history, as the legendary Bay of Pearl Harbor; emblematic neighborhoods such as the District of Waikiki, which can enjoy an amusing afternoon terracing in the famous Waikiki Beach.


Maui, the second largest island of the archipelago, formed by two volcanoes that join in an isthmus. Maui is the perfect destination for a romantic trip.

As a couple, this island offers still more attractive than for any other type of travel, since the beautiful sunsets, dotted with thousands of colors, breathtaking scenery and luxurious hotels and restaurants that invite you to rest.


Kauai, also identified as the Garden Island, is the oldest and fourth in size. It is considered the most beautiful island of all.

In Hawaii, you can do sports and outdoor activities all year round under extreme climate. Hawaii is a destination that can be combined as a honeymoon to other destinations in the USA or Canada.


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